Q & A What’s Impulsion about? It’s a BDSM night, aimed very much at players. At Impulsion the emphasis is on people and play, we create an atmosphere where people can play to their hearts content. Is there a dress code? Fetish dress is encouraged; leather, latex, period costume, evening wear, fantasy dress, TV/CD ...whatever pleases you. Smart black is also acceptable. As this is a private party dress codes are relaxed. Can I get changed at the venue? Yes of course. What kind of music do you play? ‘Eclectic’ sums it up, we play Metal, Dance, Industrial, Trance, Goth and Rock music, plus a few ‘forgotten classics’. It’s my first time at a private party, will someone show me around? Yes indeed, we have some of the friendliest staff you could meet. If you’d like to be shown around the venue just ask or (preferably) send us an email beforehand and we’ll be waiting for you. Can I watch people playing? We have no problem with people watching play, we do insist on good BDSM etiquette (see the etiquette page for more details). Please be aware that players are well within their rights to ask you to move if they feel you are intruding. If you’re unsure about etiquette, please ask a member of staff to advise you. Do you have house Dommes? No. We do have members of staff that specialise in certain types of play and who are usually happy to show people different types of play. Please remember, though, that no one is obliged to play with you. What do I do if there’s something I’m unhappy about or uncomfortable with? Find one of our friendly and approachable staff (recognisable by their “IMPULSION” badges and talk to them about it.  99.9% of the time we have no problems what so ever but if something is wrong we will do our utmost to sort it out.  If you do have a problem please talk to us about it on the night.